I’m Markus Ketola, a passionate visualist and coffee enthusiast. I can handle everything from photo- and videography to executing social media campaigns. No work is too small to carry out and larger tasks aren’t an issue either. Life is too short for bad camera pics so let’s make the world a bit more aesthetic with better pictures today.
The best moments are experienced outside of your comfort zone and with friends. This is why the most memorable moments in my career have been the Uneton 48 short film competitions which let your creativity flow and – as given away by the name – can make you a bit sleepless.
My passion towards the field has been there since I was little. In elementary school I founded my own school magazine that the school wasn’t providing. Ever since then I’ve been a part of editing, photographing and doing the page layout of different magazines, the latest being the university’s school paper.
Get in contact and let’s tell your story through pictures and video! I’m in my element when travelling so executing your ideas can happen anywhere in the world.


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